Nabila Arab

BS ’22; MA ’24

LAU, a Dream that Came True

After spending five transformative years at LAU, earning my BS in 2022 and MA in 2024, I consider LAU my home. My journey began at the age of 13, when I was introduced to the vibrant world of diversity through LAU’s engaging simulation programs. I first stepped out of my comfort zone during the Model United Nations (MUN) conference. Surrounded by peers from diverse backgrounds, religions, and social classes across Lebanon, I was captivated by the perspectives and cultures that converged within the walls of the university. This initial exposure ignited a genuine goal to become part of this dynamic community, a dream that soon became a life-changing reality. This dream became a reality after winning a scholarship for excelling in the Model Arab League program.

Upon stepping foot on LAU’s campus, I was greeted with a tapestry of cultural and religious diversity among professors, students, and staff. During my studies, I had the privilege of interacting with students from around the globe. The exchange students and international professors enriched our campus with unique perspectives, traditions, and languages from Europe to the Middle East and other regions. Together, we immersed ourselves in cultural events, embarked on adventurous outings, and forged enduring friendships that transcended geographical boundaries. These interactions broadened my worldview and cultivated a deep appreciation for the richness of human experience.

During my time at LAU, I also embarked on hiking trips organized by LAU clubs, discovering many beautiful areas in Lebanon and engaging in adventurous activities. These outings allowed me to make unforgettable memories and forge lasting friendships that transcended borders. I had the chance to participate in various cultural and religious celebrations that further enriched my experience—highlighting celebration events such as Ramadan and Christmas, fostering an inclusive environment where students of all backgrounds feel welcomed and valued. We organized and participated in significant events and concerts to celebrate these religious and cultural occasions. In addition to these events, LAU’s diverse array of clubs, such as the Armenian and Palestinian clubs, provided further opportunities to explore and engage with students from various cultures. These clubs enriched the campus experience, allowing me to appreciate my peers’ diverse traditions and customs.

Today, I am proud to say that I am Middle East Partnership Initiative–Tomorrow’s Leaders Graduate Scholar, graduating from LAU with an MA in Migration Studies and a BA in Social Work and Community Development with a Minor in Arabic Language and Literature, with distinction. I am also proud to have received the Torch Award for outstanding leadership and service spirit in addition to the Community Service and Volunteering Award. As an alumna today, I will always be a proud student and make the LAU family proud of my current and upcoming achievements!

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