As we cross the 100-year mark, we come together to contemplate a storied evolution, immense pride in our mission, and a strong-willed vision for the future—as we keep on innovatingempowering, and offering an ever-giving educational experience.

The Spirit of Service that Defines Us

In 1924, a small college on a hill promised to empower women with an advanced education that drew students from across borders to Beirut. Moved by a spirit of service to others, all those who carried the torch to this day never let adversity stand in the way.

Learn about LAU’s evolution—and why its past has equipped it to be an agent of change in the decades to come.

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[photo] Two photos side by side showing a group of students from the 1970s and a contemporary group of students sitting on the lawn and chatting.

What’s Your Everlasting Memory?

As you stepped around campus going about your student years, you collected experiences that are part of who you are today.

What is one thing from your campus days that has stayed with you all this time?

an “aha!” moment

someone who believed in you

something that made campus life special

a place that felt yours

an experience that inspired you

the best course ever

a role model

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