Anhal Kozhaya

BA ‘23

I graduated from LAU in 2023 with a BA in Political Science and International Affairs with honors and received the Riyad Nassar Leadership Award for Beirut Campus. I am a MEPI TLS and  Global UGrad alumnus. I am now working as the political and economic administrative officer at the UK Embassy in Beirut and as a project contractor with Fiftyfifty Lebanon. I am also an NGO Gender and Advocacy Consultant with a focus on Lobbying. On the community service level, I am the founding president of the first youth-led peace-building Rotary Club (Rotary Beirut Pax Potentia).  
 All these accomplishments and successes, I owe to LAU. I have reached this point in my life because of the haven the LAU administration has created for the youth to thrive, grow, and have a positive impact. In all of my undergraduate years, LAU was the compass that gave me direction and the anchor that gave me stability. It was the lens that gave me clarity and the guidance that gave me confidence. It was the family that shaped my vision of life, my personality, my approach to society, and my values. No matter where I go, or what I achieve, LAU will always be the nest that held me in my lowest moments and the place where I have grown wings to fly high. 
 LAU, you have my heart and my loyalty. Once an LAUer always an LAUer.

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